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Q: Who had the first triple double in hawks history?
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Who was the first mvp award in the NBA?

Bob Petit of St.Louis Hawks was the first M.V.P in N.B.A history

Who was the first team Chicago Bulls played?

The first game in Chicago Bulls history was October 15, 1966 against the St. Louis Hawks (now the Atlanta Hawks). Chicago won 104-97.

What is Atlanta hawks?


When did the atlanta hawks stared their first game?

the HAWKS stared in 1983

Is Jeff Teague going to the Atlanta Hawks?

Yes, he was drafted in the first round by the hawks.

What is the best win nba playoff history?

magic 114-hawks 71

How did the Seattle Seahawks get their name based on Seattles history?

There by the sea and there's lots of Hawks in Seattle.

What was tony hawks first car?

a 1969 gto judge.

Storm Hawks Goes to the White House?

Storm Hawks Goes to the White House is upcoming movie in 2011. Storm Hawks meets First Lady Jackie B. Onassis Kennedy & John F. Kennedy! Storm Hawks Told John F. Kennedy, he will be shot on Nov,22,1963 Storm Hawks was trying go to Travel to year 2566. but storm hawks hit the Wrong button! Storm Hawks

Are there any situations that might make friendly Black Hawks look like enemy helicopters?

double agents

How do you assign tricks in tony hawks American wasteland?

first you jump

What inspired Amelia to do what she became famous for?

Her first flight with Frank Hawks.