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Probobly anyone on their Schedule

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Q: Who do the saints play if they win against the buccaneers?
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Who did the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat for the franchise's first win?

New Orleans Saints

What team did the buccaneers beat to get their very first win?

New Orleans saints the score was 33-14

what next sunday who do you think will win saints or the temple bay buccaneers post your answer?

well the answer is the buccerneers 30 to 20

What is the buccaneers all time win loss record against the bears?


What Team did Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat for their first win in Franchise History?

One person said the Saints. Another said St. Louis.

Who will win against the saints or cardinals?

I am going to say the Saints. The way the Cardinals defense did against the Packers, i think Breeze will have a field day picking them apart!

Can the saints win against the Falcons?

They sure do have a chance to win. The Saints are so much better then the Falcons. And we (as you can now see, I'm an Eagles fan) certanly need it.

Did the packers win last night against the vikkings?

the saints won last night

Will the Buccaneers win the Super Bowl?


Did the buccaneers win last night?


Who is going to win out of Saints and Vikings?

I believe the saints will win. WHO DAT!!? GEAUX SAINTS I think the Saints will win in overtime 20-17! Go Saints!

Did the Washington Redskins win their last game?

2005: Won Wild Card Playoffs (Buccaneers) 17-10