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Q: Who did woody Hayes punch in the 1978 gator bowl?
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What year did woody Hayes hit clemson player?

That was the 1978 Gator Bowl. Click on the '1978 Gator Bowl' link below to see a video of the incident.

What was Woody Hayes last game as the head coach at Ohio State?

On December 29, 1978 Ohio State played in the Gator Bowl against Clemson.

Who wore number 71 for Ohio State in the 1978 gator bowl He pulled Woody Hayes off of Charlie Bauman?

Defensive tackle and co-captain Byron Cato.

What years did Woody Hayes coach Ohio State college football?

He coached the Buckeyes football team from 1951 to 1978.

When did woody Hayes retire?

1978 He was fired after punching a Clemson player who was forced out of bounds on the Ohio State sideline after intercepting an Ohio State pass.

Who is Oklahoma State's winningest football coach?

The Oklahoma State football coach with the most wins is Pat Jones who was head coach between 1984-1994. His 11 season record was 62-60-3. Jim Lookabauth is second at 60-49-6 in 12 seasons (1938-1949).

Who did Ohio State play in the 1978 Gator Bowl?

Clemson Tigers

When was Johnny Punch born?

Johnny Punch was born on 1978-08-30.

When was Mick Hayes - musician - born?

Mick Hayes - musician - was born on 1978-06-17.

What actors and actresses appeared in 1978 Gator Bowl - 1978?

The cast of 1978 Gator Bowl - 1978 includes: Charlie Bauman as himself Danny Ford as Himself - Clemson Tigers Head Coach Ara Parseghian as Himself - Color Commentator Art Schlichter as Himself - Ohio St. Buckeyes Quarterback

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When was Robert James Hayes II born?

Robert James Hayes II was born on May 8, 1978.