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Michel was a idiot that did not think things threw.

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Q: Who did Michael Jordan have kids with?
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Do Michael Jordan have kids with new wife?

Michael Jordan does have kids. Im not sure on how many but one plays basketball at the University of Illinois.

Does Michael Jordan raise kIdS?

yes James Jordan and others

What did Michael Jordan love or value?

basketball & KIDS.

How does Michael Jordan help people?

He helPs kids with cancer

How did Michael Jordan help kids?

He gave hope to kids that they can do everything they put their minds to

Does Michael Jordan sees his kids?

Really? Tf asks this gtfo

How is Michael Jordan an example?

He's an example to kids who wanna be famous.

Who are Michael Jordan's 3 sons?

Michael Jordan has three sons, Jeffrey Michael and Marcus James, and a daughter, Jasmine. who s's d for fun and one of his kids died by a truck.

Is Michael Jordan's kids in high school?

maybe can't you research how old they are

How did Michael Jordan change America?

of course Michael Jordan saved the world in basketball with his slam dunks and creativ ways to dunk it

Is Michael Jordan Kids still in High School?

maybe can't you research how old they are

Did Michael Jordan give up basketball for his kids?

He didn't give up I hope he does