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Q: Who design the phoenix on liverpool's badge?
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What bird is on the man city badge?

Its an evil Phoenix

When was Web Design Phoenix created?

Web Design Phoenix was created in 1998.

Did the Mentor badge change?

Yes, the WikiAnswers mentor badge design was slightly changed due to feedback from a contributor.

What is Liverpools dialect?


Does Phoenix Wright ever get his badge back?

Phoenix was proven innocent in Ace Attorney, but no further games have been published since then. He mentions wanting to retake his bar exam, so it is possible that he could get his badge back in any future games made.

What ship did the flag pole on liverpools kop come from on liverpools spion kop?

Great Eeastern Great Eeastern

Who was Liverpools 1989 fa cup winning captain?

Liverpools 1989 fa cup winning captain was Ronnie Whelan.

What is liverpools mission statement?

To Win

When did the WikiAnswers Mentor badge change?

The Mentor badge was changed sometime in January of 2009, I believe. The change was made in order to improve the design.

Can you design Girl Scout Brownie badges?

There is a badge called a "Troop's Own" where a troop may come up with their own requirements and then order a blank badge which may then have a design put on the badge. There are also badges called "Council's Own" that are for something that would be specific to that particular council. A troop may write the requirements and design the badge, then submit it to their local Girl Scout council for approval as a "Council's Own" badge. It is also possible to suggest a badge to Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA). The requirements and badge design must be submitted to the local council which will then determine if it should be sent on to GSUSA for possible approval. Note: with the new books, "The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting" being released in September of 2011, this process may change.

How you design your badge on Habbo?

To design your group badge follow the steps below: 1) Log into Habbo 2) At the top of the "Me" page is a link with your groups "My Groups". 3) Click the group you want to edit the badge for 4) Click "Edit" located in the left hand corner of your Group Page. 5) Click the red heart icon that says "Badge". Following these steps will take you right to your badge so you may edit it.

Who was liverpools most cheapest signing?

my mum