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Mike Davis (the crazy one who ran onto the court against Kentucky at Freedom Hall in Louisville). He coached IU to a NCAA Runner-Up finish the previous year before the embarassing incident (2002).

Kelvin Sampson. He had violations committed at his former employer (Oklahoma) as well as Indiana.

Tom Crean, the former coach at Marquette and the current coach of the Indiana University men's Basketball program.

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Q: Who coached Indiana basketball after Bobby Knight?
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WHo is IU's All Time Winningest Basketball Coach?

Bobby Knight is Indiana University's all time winningest men's basketball coach.

How long did bobby knight live in Indiana?

Bobby Knight lived in Indiana for over 30 years, coaching the Indiana University basketball team from 1971 to 2000. He became a legend in the state and led the team to multiple championships during his tenure.

Is Bobby Knight still popular in Indiana?

Knight will be popular in Indiana even after he dies.

Where do the Big Heads in the stands at college basketball games come from?

They started in 2001 @ Indiana University the first big head was of Bobby Knight.

Who is Bobby Knight's son?

Patrick Knight is Bobby Knight's son and replaced his father on February 4, 2008 as the Head Coach of the Texas Tech men's basketball team.

Who was on the 1962 Ohio State Buckeyes basketball team?

Bobby Knight

What college did Phil knight go to?

Bobby Knight, an Indiana basketball coach, graduated from Ohio State University. He graduated with a degree in history and government in 1962. He is nicknamed "The General" and has won 902 Division 1 men's basketball games during his career.

What team has the worst win loss record to win the ncaa basketball tournament?

In 1981, the Indiana Hoosiers had the most losses of any team to win the NCAA basketball national championship. The Hoosiers, coached by Bobby Knight and led by Sophomore, Isaiah Thomas, entered the March Madness field with 9 regular season losses. I.U. Went on to beat North Carolina in the final game. The victory was the 4th National Championship for the school and the 2nd under Coach Knight. Tessa, you idiot.

What basketball coach has won the most games?

Bobby Knight with 902 wins

Who is the NCAA basketball coach with the most wins on record?

bobby knight i believe

How many ncaa basketball tournament championships has bobby knight won?


What is bobby knights nickname?

Bobby Knight's nickname is "The General" due to his commanding and disciplined coaching style in basketball.