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UT's Ricky Williams broke the record (although he does not hold the current record).

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Q: Who broke Tony Dorsett' s record for NCAA Division 1 Rushing record?
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Who broke OJ Simpson's record of 273 rushing yards in a single game?

Walter Payton broke O.J. Simpson's single-game rushing record. Payton gained 275 rushing yards in a 1977 game against the Minnesota Vikings.

How many rushing touchdowns does cam newton have?

He has 13 rushing touchdowns through week 15 and broke the record for QB single season rushing tds

What records has Adrian Peterson broke?

Peterson broke the NFL single game rushing record with 296 yards.

What team did the Longhorns play when Ricky Williams broke the NCAA rushing record?


What Eagle broke Keith Byar's rookie rushing record with 586 yards in 2001?

correl buckhalter

On October 27th 2002 who broke Walter Payton's record for career rushing yards?

emmit smith

Who broke OJ simpsoms rushing record in junior college?

pat riley diablo valley college 1970

In 1996 what running back broke John Riggins record for most rushing yards in a single season?

terry Allen

Against who did Emmitt Smith break the all time rushing record?

Emmitt Smith broke Walter Payton's NFL career rushing record in a 17-14 loss to the Seattle Seahawks at Texas Stadium on October 27, 2002.

LSU single season rushing record?

The LSU single season rushing record is held by Leonard Fournette, who rushed for 1,953 yards in the 2015 season. Fournette broke the previous record of 1,686 yards, set by Charles Alexander in 1978.

What team did emmitt smith break the all time rushing record?

On October 27, 2002, Dallas Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith broke the National Football League's career rushing record in a game against the Seattle Seahawks at Texas Stadium.

Emmitt Smith broke the most rushing yards for a career with what team?

the dallas cowboys, destroying Walter payton's record with the Chicago bears