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1) Mark Clayton - 79 TDs from Marino between 1983-1992 and 3 TDs from Favre in 1993.

2) Keith Jackson - 15 TDs from Marino between 1992-1994 and 11 TDs from Favre between 1995-1996.

3) Mark Ingram - 8 TDs from Marino between 1993-1994 and 3 TDs from Favre in 1995.

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Harry Sydney caught a touchdown pass from Joe Montana in 1990 in a loss to the LA Rams. Harry also caught a touchdown pass from Brett Favre in 1992 in a win against the Detroit Lions.

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antonio freeman caught 57 td passes

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Q: Who are the only 3 players to catch a td pass from dan marino and Brett Favre?
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