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Vaclav Prospal

Marc Staal

Michael Rozsival

Ryan Callahan

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vinny prospl #20 and Ryan callahan#24

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Q: Who are the current assistant captains on the New York Rangers?
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How many captains have the New York Rangers had since inception?

Since their inception, the New York Rangers have had 26 different captains. This was from Bill Cook in 1926 through their current captain, Ryan Callahan.Note: Mark Messier was a two-time captain (10/7/91 - 5/25/97, 7/13/00 - 4/3/04)

Who is better New York rangers or Montreal Canadiens?

new york rangers.

When was New York Rangers created?

New York Rangers was created in 1926.

How do I get more information on receiving nursing assistant certification in New York City?

nursing assistant certification is available in New York City. provides the current state requirements, and can provide more information on the participating schools.

When did the New York Rangers join the NHL?

The New York Rangers joined the NHL in 1926.

Billy Fairburn New York Rangers?

#10, Right wing, New York Rangers

Who are the captains for the New York Giants?

For the 2010-11 Season, the captains are Justin Tuck, Chase Blackburn and Eli Manning.

What was the New York Rangers first name?

The New York Rangers do not have a mascot.

What is the longest winning streak for the New York Rangers?

longest new york rangers winning steak

What year were the New York Rangers formed?

The New York Rangers were purchased in 1926 as an expansion franchise.

What year did Wayne Gretzky start playing for the New York Rangers?

1998-1999 as a New york rangers

How many NFL titles have the new york rangers won?

0. The New York Rangers play hockey.