Who are the best wide recivers?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The top five wide recivers:

1. Sydney Rice

2. Desean Jackson

3. Reggie Wayne

4. Larry Fitzgarold

5. Brandon Marshal

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His name is Wes Welker

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Q: Who are the best wide recivers?
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Who has the best recivers in college football?

USC with Woods, Lee, Farmer and others

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What receivers were on the Chicago Bears team in 1990?

The wide recivers on the Bears in 1990 were: Dennis Gentry, Wendall Davis, Glen Kozlowski, Ron Morris, Tom Waddle, and Quintin Smith.

What was the recivers rules in The Giver?

there rules were to go choke on the ball

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Who are the top 3 best wide receivers in the NFL?

The # 1 best wide out in NFL is Sydney Rice. the # 2 best wide out in the NFL is Chad Ochocinco. the # 3 best wide out in the NFL is Brandon Marshall

Why do some browning A5s have browning light on recivers and some dont?

Depends on weather the receiver is made of aluminum or steel.

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Well, first you need to try blitzing. And here are the controls to tackle. Regular tackle:L3, Dive: Square, Strip Ball: R2, Hit Stick: R3. Try skill drills. Cover Recivers. Run toward the QB and tackle him. Tackle the recivers before they get the ball. THat sometimes will be a penalty.

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Is Steve smith the best wide reciver?

best all time.

What is the average speed for wideouts and quarterbacks?

Their are two different types of recivers. Possession recivers and your regular speedy ones. For possession recievers its about a high 4.5tops and Speed types average about a 4.4 Quarterbacks average about a 4.8 4.9 but the position is changing now and getting quicker so in due time the average will be about a 4.6