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  1. 1. Unquestionably Doctor J (Julius Erving)
  2. 2. The Round Mound of Rebound

(Charles Barkley)

  1. 3. Moses Malone
  2. 4 Allen Iverson.."The ", as he likes to be called, is a gutsy little player who likes to throw the ball up. His true position on this list is clouded by his prima Donna antics.
  3. 5 Maureece Cheeks [the answer] Allen h.greer3.sf [doctor,j]Julius Charles barkley5. c wilt the stiltwilt camberlain

The five best would actually make a great team:

F-Julius ErvingF-Charles BarkleyC-Wilt ChamberlainG-Hal GreerG-Allen Iverson

The second team's not too bad either:

F-Billy CunninghamF-Dolph SchayesC-Moses MaloneG-Maurice CheeksG-Andrew Toney

Wilt Chamberlain, Julius Erving, Moses Malone, Charles Barkley, and Allen Iverson are the five greatest players in the history of the franchise of the Philadelphia 76ers in my opinion.

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Louis Amundson F 6-9 225 12/07/1982 Nevada-Las Vegas 2 52 Calvin Booth C 6-11 250 05/07/1976 Penn State 9 25 Rodney Carney F 6-7 204 04/05/1984 Memphis 2 1 Samuel Dalembert C 6-11 250 05/10/1981 Seton Hall 6 30 Reggie Evans F 6-8 245 05/18/1980 Iowa 6 33 Willie Green G 6-3 201 07/28/1981 Detroit Mercy 5 35 Herbert Hill F-C 6-10 240 10/01/1984 Providence R 9 Andre Iguodala F-G 6-6 207 01/28/1984 Arizona 4 7 Andre Miller G 6-2 200 03/19/1976 Utah 9 12 Kevin Ollie G 6-2 195 12/27/1972 Connecticut 11 42 Shavlik Randolph F 6-10 240 11/24/1983 Duke 3 14 Jason Smith F 7-0 240 03/02/1986 Colorado State 1

Marreese Speights ** F-C 6-10 245 08/04/1987 Florida R 23 Louis Williams G 6-2 175 10/27/1986 South Gwinnett HS (Snellville, GA) 3 21 Thaddeus Young F 6-8 220 06/21/1988 Georgia Tech 1

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Elton Brand -42

Rodney Carney -25

Samuel Dalembert -1

Francisco Elson -8

Willie Green -33

Jrue Holiday -11

Andre Iguodala -9

Allen Iverson -3

Jason Kapono -72

Jodie Meeks -20

Jason Smith -14

Marreese Speights -16

Lou Williams -23

Thad Young -21

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Of the 76ers ever, it was Allen Iverson. Now i would say it is Andre Igoudala.

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Q: Who are the best basketball players of the 76ers?
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