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Grand Rapids Griffins (AHL) Flint Generals (IHL) Port Huron Icehawks (IHL)

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Q: Who are the Rochester red wings farm team for?
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Which major league team has the farm team in Rochester?

Minnesota Twins. The Twins have been affiliated with the Rochester Red Wings since 2003.

When was Rochester Red Wings created?

Rochester Red Wings was created in 1899.

What is the name of the B team for the red wings?

The farm team for the wings is the Grand Rapids Griffins

What was Darnell McDonald's number when he played for the Rochester Red Wings?

what was darnell mcdonals number when he played for the rochester red wings

How long did Cal Ripken Jr play with the Rochester Red Wings?

Cal Ripken Jr. played on the Rochester Red Wings for only half a season. During that time, he hit a total of 23 home runs for the team.

What was the Baltimore Orioles AAA minor league team in 1995?

Rochester Red Wings of the International League. Rochester was the Orioles AAA affiliate between 1961-2002.

What was the name of Detroit red wings farm team in glens falls?

the farmville burgalars

What team is the Detroit red wings farm team?

Although there may be others. The main Detroit farm team is The Grand Rapids Griffins.

Who was St. Louis Cardinals AAA farm club in the 40s?

The Columbus Red Birds of the American Association and the Rochester Red Wings of the International League were both affiliated with the Cardinals in the 1940s.

What farm team did George Koby play for?

Koby played for many Cardinals' farm teams between 1943-1948 including the Johnson City Cardinals of the Appalachian League in 1943, the Allentown Cardinals of the Interstate League in 1944, Allentown and the Rochester Red Wings of the International League in 1945, Rochester, the Columbus Cardinals of the South Atlantic League, and the Houston Buffaloes of the Texas League in 1946, Columbus in 1947, and the Pocatello Cardinals of the Pioneer League in 1948.

What is Taylor lautner favorite hockey team?

Taylor lautner's favourite hockey team is red wings

What is the best national hockey team?

Detroit Red Wings!!