Who are Levski Sofia?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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Levski Sofia is a Bulgarian Football Club playing in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. Levski is the Number 2 team in Bulgaria, often referred to as the "Euroidiots" for their game against Antwerp in the 89/90 UEFA Cup edition and for their poor performance in the European Champions League, listed in the UEFA records as the worst performance in that tournament as of January, 2008. Levski is also listed in the Guiness Book of World Records for the team with most second places in a national football league.

Positive Aspects

Levski, however, is known as the "team of the people" because unlike the fans of their rivals from CSKA who are predominantly white Bulgarians, Levski supports diversity. For example, two of Levski's most active fan fractions, Sofia West and Ultra Varna mostly recruit fans from the Gypsy and Turkish population in Bulgaria.

The Blue Team

PFC Levski are one of the oldest teams in Bulgaria and at the same time the most popular club in this country. It is called by the football fans "The Blue Team" or "The Blue Avalanche". Levski are the only club in Bulgaria which has played in the Football Premiership of Bulgaria since its establishment. The Blue club has a positive balance against all teams which have ever existed in Bulgaria. Levski is Bulgaria's team N 1 in total number of won prizes - 26 Championship Titles, 26 Cups of Bulgaria and 3 Super Cups. Levski also hold a big number of individual records. One of them is the 6 goals in one match from European tournaments. The 6 goals were scored by Kiro Milanov and this record has yet to be broken.

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Q: Who are Levski Sofia?
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When was HC Levski Sofia created?

HC Levski Sofia was created in 1953.

When was BC Levski Sofia created?

BC Levski Sofia was created in 1923.

When was PFC Levski Sofia B created?

PFC Levski Sofia B was created in 2008.

When was PFC Levski Sofia created?

PFC Levski Sofia was created on 1914-05-24.

Who were the Bulgarian League in 1953?

The winners of the Soviet Army Cup in 1953 was Levski Sofia.

Who is the tenant of Georgi Asparuhov Stadium?

The tenant of Georgi Asparuhov Stadium is Levski Sofia in Bulgaria.

Who were the Soviet Army Cup winners in 1946?

The winners of the Soviet Army Cup in 1946 were Levski Sofia.

Who were the Soviet Army Cup winners in 1949?

The winners of the Soviet Army Cup in 1949 were Levski Sofia.

Who were the Soviet Army Cup winners in 1947?

The winners of the Soviet Army Cup in 1947 were Levski Sofia.

Who is the best soccer team in Bulgaria?

That would be LUDOGORETS, LEVSKI SOFIA and CSKA SOFIA who are 1st 2nd and 3rd in the respective order they appear.

Why is the Levski Sofia team referred to as Euroidiots?

"The football idiots of Europe" (in short, "Euroidiots") is a popular, ironic name of the Bulgarian football club PFC Levski (Sofia), formerly Vitosha (Sofia). It first appeared in several European media after the match between Royal Antwerp and Levski (UEFA Cup 89/90, 1st round). In this match Levski were leading with 3:1 until the 89th minute and then Antwerp managed to score three goals in the next 5 minutes with 10 men on the field. The match finished 4:3 for Antwerp and they were through after the first leg 0:0 in Sofia. As a result of Levski's fiasco, on September 26, 1989, the popular European Sports Channel "Eurosport" began their evening UEFA match overview with Levski's game by referring to them as "the football idiots of Eurpope". On the following day, the French sports newspaper "L'Equipe" once again referred to Levski as the "Euroidiots" for their fiasco against Royal Antwerp. Most recently, the Spanish newspaper "El Mundo Deportivo" referred to Levski Sofia as "El Debil" before Levski's Europa League game with Villareal. "El Débil" is the Spanish translation of "The Idiots" - "El Villarreal se estrena ante el débil Levski" Following a series of disasters in the European football tournaments, various newspapers and sport websites in Bulgaria have continuously referred to Levski Sofia as the "Euroidiots". During 2008, Levski once again proved why they earned this nickname - to date, they are the only football team in the world that has lost two European qualifier games in a single year - against BATE Borisov and MSK Zilina. In September 2009, Levski got one even better - just a day before the important match with their Bulgarian rivals CSKA Sofia, they announced the sale of 4 first-team players to the Russian club Rubin Kazan. Levski duly flied the players to Russia to finalise the transfers only to find out that Rubin Kazan were totally unaware of these transfers. It all collapsed and the players returned to Sofia .... just in time to witness the 2-0 loss of Levski at the hands of CSKA Sofia. (The "army men" team that has all the championship wins over Levski.) Notably, Levski's nickname has been uniformly accepted throughout the Bulgarian sport masses. For example, the Bulgarian media commonly refers to them as Euroidiots even in basketball games.

What are the landmarks and historical sites in Bulgaria?

Shipka monument, NDK-the cultural palace, Madarski konnik-at Russe, Memorial of Vasil Levski in Sofia