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lester hayes

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Q: Who What game was the first NFL player to dunk the ball over the goal post?
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Who did the first in between the legs dunk?

No one knows the first player to dunk a basketball, but the first one to dunk a ball in an official game was Bob Kurland. Kurland made his first dunk while playing college ball at Oklahoma State University in 1944 in a game against Temple.

What is Candice Parker known for?

Candace Nicole Parker is known for being the first woman to dunk in an NCAA tournament game and the first woman to dunk twice in a college game. She also became the 2nd player to dunk in a WNBA game in 2008.

How do you craddle dunk in nba 2k11?

First you need a player that has a high dunk rating, like Jordan. You can do a dunk in a game and possibly do a craddle dunk. Im not quite sure if there is a signature dunk that allows you to craddle dunk but you can try.

Who was the first woman to dunk a ball in the WNBA?

The first woman to be credited with a slam dunk is West Virginia's Georgeann Wills on Dec. 21, 1984: vs. Charleston in an NCAA Division I Women's Basketball game. The first WNBA player to dunk was Lisa Leslie, who did it against the Miami Sol on July 30, 2002.

How did Lisa Leslie change the game of female basketball?

Lisa Leslie was the first female to dunk the ball in the WNBA.

Who is the first women in the WNBA to dunk?

Lisa Leslie, not just the first black woman, but THE first women.

When was Michael jordans first dunk?

He made his first Dunk when he was in 7th grade

Who was the first player to throw a curve ball in an NCAA Baseball game?

Fred Godsmith

When was The World's First 720 Dunk first shown on YouTube?

The World's First 720 degree Dunk was first shown on YouTube in July of 2006. The video features LeBron James and the Dallas game of the March Madness.

Who was the first black person to play the game of baseball?

Jackie Robinson was the first pro ball player on a pro team.

Who was the first to dunk a basketball?

While it remains unclear as to who was the initial player to breakout the "dunk" it has now evolved as a huge part of the game. The dunk is certainly a crowd favorite with Slam Dunk Showdown's and contests and is constantly being remodeled and becoming more creative over the years. According to the related Sports Illustrated link, "Not even the staff at the Basketball Hall of Fame is sure who made the first dunk in organized play. What is known is that the shot has been around nearly as long as the game itself (that means since the 1890's) and that in the 1940's Oklahoma A&M's 6'10" center Bob Kurland became the first college player to regularly use the dunk." For more information, see the related link.

How do you perform ally hoop dunk in PC game?

how to perform alley hoop dunk in PC game