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Raul has been a 2 time Champions league top scorer. He top scored in the 1999-01 and 2000-01 seasons.

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Q: Who Spaniard is the two time champions League top goalscorer?
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Who is the top goalscorer in the champions league?

Harry Cursham, with 49 for Notts County (1877-1889). More modern: Ian Rush (44 for Liverpool, Chester and Newcastle, 1979-1998).

Who is Greenock Morton's all time top goalscorer?

The all-time top goalscorer of Greenock Morton is none other than Allan McGraw with 117 league goals.

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Chelsea has one the Champions League only one time. They won their solitary champions league in the 2011-12 season.

How many time Ibrahimović won the champions league?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has never won the Champions League. However, he has won the UEFA Cup with Barcelona.

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French international Franck Ribery has never won the Champions League. 2001 was the last time Bayern Munich won the Champions League. However Ribery did not join them until 2007.

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in 2005

Who is the all time leading scorer in European Champions League?


Did Manchester united qualify?

They qualify for champions league 99% of the time !

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they had finished fourth in the 2004-05 season......and that is the same season when Liverpool finished 5th in the premier league but on the other hand the Champions league was also won by Liverpool after the finals it was decided that the champions league holder has to play in the champions league on a mandatory basis and thus liver pool were part of the 2005-2006 champions league..... Everton on the other hand after finishing fourth had a chance to play in the champions league, but at that time of the decade the rule said that the teams finishing third and fourth in the league has to go through a qualifying round, and thus Everton did not beat the team which was pitted against it and thus did not play in the champions league.......