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First of all, it depends how good you are or how strong you are at hitting the ball with the bat. Secondly, the specific material,weight, and how cylinderical the bat is, come into the equation.

My perception is that the aluminum bat will make the ball travel farther as with the wood, the ball could make a bit of a dent and the velocity of the ball may decrease causing it to loose a bit of speed after it is hit by the bat, (taking into account that the dent is miniscule).

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This is a difficult question to answer. Most of the wood bat Baseball every day people see is played by professional players. These players have the ability to hit the ball much farther and harder than almost any high school and college players who use aluminum. There are a few instances where MLB players have swung a metal bat in practice. During said practice, there have been many "tape measure shots" hit. However, my guess is none of these are documented. My personal belief is there is a much larger "trampoline effect" in the aluminum bat, but the sweet spot is easier to find. In a wood bat, the sweet spot is smaller, yet sweeter. Again, this is not based on any scientific tests or data, rather personal experience of a standout high school and college player.

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Q: Which type of bat can make the ball go farther wooden or aluminum?
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What type of baseball bat will make the ball go farther a wooden bat or an aluminum bat and why?

The aluminum bat would go farther than the wooden bat. It will go farther because the aluminum bat is much lighter than the wooden bat.

What type of bat will make a ball go farther a wooden aluminum or plastic bat and why?

Aluminum because you can stuff it with newspaper and marbles.

Why is aluminum used in baseball bats?

To make the ball go farther.

Did an aluminum bat or wooden bat hit the farthest?

Wooden BatSupposedly, the wooden bat due to the weight of the ash wood used to make bat as opposed to the aluminum. However, it's not really the bat, it's the speed of the thrown ball and the speed with which the bat makes contact. Ask a baseball coach or a physics professor for more info.Usually a wooden bat, but aluminum bats hit faster, which is why I was almost decapitated before my time a few weeks ago.they think the aluminum would hit farther because a wooden bat would not hold up as goodthat's right an aluminum bat hits so far that the major leagues don't even use them trust meAluminum bat hits faster but i also think a aluminum bat would hit farther too because the aluminum bat is lighter and the faster you swing the farther it goes.

Which baseball bat will make the ball go the farthest a wooden bat or a metal bat?

metal also known as aluminum

What type of bat will a baseball come off of better plastic aluminum or wooden bats?

baseballs come off an aluminum bat faster and harder, than they do on a wooden bat. that is why in the MLB they make the players use wooden bats, to prevent serious injury. i myself perfer to use and practice with a wooden bat in the off season, because it teaches you to use the right mechanics to hit the ball harder and farther. but during games i use an aluminum ball bat, and during practice i use a wooden bat. i would restrain from using a carbon-fiber bat because they have a tendency to crack and break. but that is just my opinion on carbon fiber bats.

Which baseball bat will make the ball go the farthest a wooden bat or an Aluminum bat?

AnswerAluminum definitely. Compared to wood, metal is able to more easily compress then regain it's shape. This trampoline effect is what causes the ball to come off the bat more quickly.

Which type of baseball bat will make the ball go farther a wooden bat or metal bat?

metalMetal baseball bats will most likely go farther. A lot of people believe that wood bats hit farther than BBCOR though

What kind of bat makes the ball go the furthest?

The answer may vary depending on who you ask, but it all depends on what you do. Some people swear by aluminum bats, saying that because they can swing faster, the ball will go further. Other people, including me, prefer a wooden bat. With wooden bats, you have to put a bit of oomph behind the swing, but it still can go just as far as aluminum. This question is very common based on the fact that major leaguers use wood, not aluminum. The reason why this is is because aluminum bats make the ball come off faster than with wood, and the players need every milisecond to react to the ball.

Does the size of the barrel on a bat make the ball go farther?

no it does not

When your running what make the ball go farther?

my feet and willingness and desire

Does a golf ball go farther go farther when placed at the front or back of stance?

Placing the ball at the back of your stance will effectively make the ball fly lower and farther. By placing the ball at the back of your stance you are decreasing the loft of the club. If you want to hit a high shot move the ball forward but remember it will not go as far.