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Q: Which two teams will be in the Super Bowl 2016?
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If the Pro Bowl is before the Super Bowl will that not cause potential injuries for the Super Bowl players?

Pro Bowl players on the two Super Bowl teams will not participate in the Pro Bowl.

What two teams have tied in second in the super bowl?

Super bowl 29 was tied going into half time.

How many teams go to the Super Bowl?

Two teams, the AFC Conference Champion and the NFC Conference Champion, go to the Super Bowl each season.

Who were the two teams and who won the first Super Bowl?

the packers

Which two teams play in the Super Bowl?

Saints Browns

Has any coach taken 2 different teams to the super bowl?

Don Shula and Mike Holgrem have both taken two different teams to the Super Bowl.

Which NFL teams will make it to the Super Bowl this year?

I believe the Indiapollis colts and the New Orleans saints will make it to the super bowl

Who quarterbacked two different teams in super bowl?

Kurt Warner

What two teams will be in the Super Bowl in 2011-2012?

Packers and Ravens

What was the to teams in the super bowl two?

th steelers, and the giants i think

How many teams have won the super bowl with a rookie kicker?


How many Super Bowl rings does Roger Staubach have?

Two. Staubach, who was a member of five Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl teams in the 1970s, won championships in Super Bowl VI and Super Bowl XII.