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Reading due to linkd with royaly and Preston North End as they were first team to acheive league and cup double.

Of course they do have away strips

Edit: Actually preston earned the right for being the First Ever champions of the English football league.

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Q: Which two teams do not have to wear their change strips at an away?
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Does the away team wear white in soccer?

No. In normal leagues you wear the same kit the whole time. Only in higher level professional and national teams do you have an away strip. There are white away strips but it is not a requirement.

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juventus (away color)

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Who are the only two teams in the English league that don't have to wear away kits?


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What would happen if two football teams had the same colour kit?

A football club usually has two or three kits. The team that is playing at home will get to wear their home kit, and the away team wears their away kit, unless the two are similar, in which case the away team would wear their home kit or alternate kit. If both teams are playing away, one club will still have been designated as the home team and they get to wear their home kit.

Why can teams only wear their away kit 8 times in a season?

Don't think this is a rule. They can wear whatever shirt they want, as long as it is not too similar to their opponents.

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Which football team does not have tou wear an away shirt?

The teams that don't ear an away kit are........ i actually don't know:> :O :P

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