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Q: Which two buildings act as a east-west border for the national mall?
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Which two buildings act as the east-west borders the mall?

The Capitol Building is the west border, and the Washington Memorial (or even further back, the Lincoln Memorial) is the west border. In between them, in the National Mall, there are a collection of National Museums and the Washington Monument.

What two buildings mark the ends of the national mall?


What buildings are in the National Mall?

Excluding gift shops, restrooms, and non-public facilities, the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial are the only two major buildings right on the mall.

What is the address of the National Mall?

There is no set address. The National Mall or 'The Mall' is a long strip of green surrounded by museums and monuments. It stretches for over 2 miles/3 km from the Lincoln Memorial on the western border to the US Capitol on the east.

Where is the national mall located?

The national mall is located in Washington, DC. National mall is known for museums, landmarks. National mall is one of the most popular destinations for tourists.

A place with lots of streets and buildings?

A mall.

Why is the National Mall called a mall?

A mall is a long, narrow strip of open space.

What mall contains these letters trrlnimititanaaon?

National Mall

Is the Smithsonian in the National Mall?


Which national monument lies at the west end of the Mall in Washington DC?

The Lincoln Memorial is at the western end of the National Mall.

Does the Washington DC Mall have storage lockers?

The National Mall does not have storage lockers.

Who is honored in the national mall?