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Q: Which team won the NRL grand final 2014?
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What team won the NRL grand final of 2012?

Melbourne Storm

Which teams played in the 1989 nrl grand final which the winning team won by a field goal?

There was no NRL winning team in 1989, and the RL winning team did not win by a field goal.

Which team is going to win the 2009 nrl grand final?

EELSU just did it because NRL 2009 is over so u knew the answer

Which NRL team won the 2006 premiership?

The 2006 NRL Grand Final won by the Brisbane Broncos over the Melbourne Storm

Which team is going to win the 2010 NRL grand final?

Dragons for sure !!!!!! Roosters are the worst team ever they don't deserve to be there

Nrl grand final dates?


Who won the 2005 NRL grand final?


Who won the NRL 2009 grand final?


Who won nrl grand final 1969?

Balmain 11 South Sydney 2. Well done Balmain for winning the 1969 nrl grand final.

Which NRL team won last year?

Brisbane broncos defeated Melbourne storm in the 2006 telstra premiership grand final

Who won the 1998 nrl grand final?

the Newcastle knights

Who will win the 2011 grand final in nrl?

Brisbane broncos