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That is a question that has a 50/50 chance of each. You would have to state why and what you would be using that for.

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Q: Which should i get the crosman r73 airsoft rifle or the crosman r34airsoft rifle?
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What fps is crosman stinger re4 tactical airsoft rifle clear?

360 fps

Is the crosman c11 semi-auto co2 airsoft a good gun?

No. co2 airsoft pistols in general are plauged with leakage issues, especially a cheap crosman. Besides that, airsoft pistols are not a good investment unless you already have a good primairy rifle.

Is the Crosman Stinger R39 airsoft rifle a single shot?

Yes, you will have to re-cock the spring every shot.

Does the Crosman 760 Pumpmaster BB Pellet Air Rifle work for airsoft wars?

No- and it would be very dangerous to try. Pellet guns and airsoft are two very different things.

How do you assembly crosman 2100 air rifle?

CROSMAN 2100 You can find CROSMAN Parts and manuals at ( see the link below) This should give you a diagram on how to dissamble a crosman 2100.

If you have a airsoft machine gun should you get another machine gun or a sniper rifle?

Deff a sniper rifle

I have Bb rifle for airsoft wars Should I have a Pistol for backup?

I would. But get a good one. Airsoft pistols are bad to jam.

Should you get a airsoft shotgun or rifle?

Definitely get a rifle. It's much more accurate and penetrable. Kinda obvious.

Should you use an airsoft sniper rifle for a 110 foot yard?

I wouldn't

How can you get a manuel for the double eagle airsoft rifle?

Yes! It should have came with the gun

I would like a far shooting acurate airsoft sniper rifle in the u.s. where should I buy one?

Airsoft GI

How do you load a Crosman Corporation rifle?

Crosman makes about 50 different '''RIFLES''' you need to state the model you are asking about. See the link below for Crosman rifle owners manuals