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Q: Which play is the all time leading rusher with 18355 yards?
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Who was second leading rusher for Wash in 1983 Super Bowl?

The second leading rusher in Washington's defeat of the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl XVII on January 30th, 1983 was: Wide receiver Alvin Garrett. Garrett had the second most rushing yards for Washington with only a single carry. He gained 44 yards on a reverse play during the third quarter that set up a field goal by kicker Mark Moseley. At the time, it was the longest run by a receiver in Super Bowl history. Clarence Harmon had the second most carries for Washington, with 9 carries for 40 yards. John Riggins, Washington's leading rusher, ran the ball 38 times for 166 yards.

Did terrell Davis play for the Denver Broncos?

Yes. Terrell Davis played for the Denver Broncos and is their all-time leading rusher.

Tyler Collins rb eunice la?

At Eunice: The running back helped lead the Bobcats to three consecutive District 4-4A Championships... Led his team to back-to-back 11 win seasons... Was an 4A All-State First Team selection his senior season, and twice named First Team All-District and All-Parish. Rushed for 1,495 yards and 14 touchdowns in 2008 on 232 carries... Had 3,403 career rushing yards and 34 total touchdowns to become EHS all time leading rusher. Has signed on to play RB at Nicholls State University at Thibodaux, LA.

How Many Yards was the Eli Manning David Tyree play?

32 yards.

A team gained 5 yards on their first play of the game then they lost 6 yards find the total change in yardage?

If a team gained 5 yards on their first play of the game and lost 6 yards, the total change in yardage is 1.

The orlloles play baseball at camden yards in this state?

The orioles play in Maryland.

Play yard measures 18 feet long how many yards long is the play yard how many inches long is the play yard?

alice's car is 18 feet long. What is the length in yards

The Baltimore Orioles play at blank yards?


What is the most negative yards in a single play?


What is a playdown for football?

The "Draw Play" is a play that in all aspects, looks like it will be a pass play, and the quarterback then hands the ball off to a running back. The linemen passblock and open lanes for throwing, just as they would for a pass play. The receivers run as if they will run a route. The quarterback does a 3-5 step drop, reading the defensive backs as if he were going through his progression (who will he throw the ball to) and the running back watches for blitzers, etc and reads the defense. Many times there is a chosen gap the rusher intends to go through, but a draw play is very adaptable, and the most successful ones are plays that the runningback sees a hole in the defense and takes it in that direction.

How many yards are in 13 yards? is not a place for pointless spam, but I guess I'll play along. 12 DUR!

What is the length of the field of play for international matches?

22 yards