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The National League defeated the American League, 5-1. It was the second consecutive All-Star Game victory for the N.L.

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Q: Which league won the 2011 baseball all-star game?
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Who is the oldest person to compete in the all-star games for baseball?

satchel paige is the oldest baseball person to play in an allstar game

Where will the 2011 Major League Baseball all-star game be at?

The MLB all-star game is in phoenix Arizona this year.

When was Major League Baseball Game of the Week created?

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When was Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League created?

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When was Major League Baseball All-Star Game created?

Major League Baseball All-Star Game was created in 1933.

What to days are pro sports not played?

Before and after the allstar game in July.

Who won mlb 2011 all-star game?

The national league won the 2011 all star game, defeating the American League 5-1 at Chase Field on July 12, 2011.

When is a Little league baseball game called because of rain?

A Little League baseball game is called when you look up and see grey clouds.

What is the name of the competition between the American baseball league and the national baseball league?

Ummm the All Star game?

Who won the all-star game 2011?

The National League

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