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Q: Which is the top 5 hypermarkets in the world?
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Where are holiday hypermarkets located?

Holiday Hypermarkets are available online. They are vacation packages that go to almost anywhere in the world. Some of the destinations are Africa, Brazil, Canary Islands, Spain and Portugal.

Top 5 textile companies in the world?

what is the top 5 textile mills in world

Are there any lulu hypermarkets in India?


Who founded hypermarkets in Singapore?

First hypermarket in Singapore would be Carrefour.

Name top 5 educated countries in world?

top 1: south korea top 2: finland top 3: norway top 4: japan top 5: lux

What are the top 5 governments in the world today?


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What is Carrefour?

Carrefour, the French general-merchandise chain and grocery retailer that was the second largest such company in the world, behind Wal-Mart. The group operated hypermarkets.

Who are the 5 largest travel agencies in the world?

Delta is definitely in the top 5.

How many supermarkets are there in Qatar?

Tons of supermarkets and hypermarkets, and hundreds of cheap restaurants.

What the problems arise at hypermarkets?

too many french love Ellen ;) x

Where can you buy Wisp Colgate in Manila?

Did you try at Duty Free or at SM Hypermarkets.