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Q: Which is the 3rd best team in supa strikas?
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Are Spain the best football team in the world?

they are 3rd in the world after Italy and France

Is Chelsea a rubbish football team?

no chelsea is one of the best football team in the world to most people including me they are very successful in life they are 3rd in the league right now

Who is the best team in Scotland?

As attendances this year will prove, it is Rangers. They may be in 3rd division, however are still outselling all SPL teams.

What is the best footy team song in the afl?

the moment in the A.F.L times the Melbourne demons song is winning with the best theme song and 2nd is Richmond and 3rd is essendon The Western Bulldogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the best under 16 to under 12 football team?

st marys fc 2nd luton united 3rd luton old boys

What sport is BYU best at?

Men's Volleyball. BYU has won numerous national championships and continually has a top 10 team. They are currently ranked 3rd.

Who is better team Hearts or Hibs?

hibs are the better team with 3rd in spl

Who is the best army?

The united states they have the 3rd or 2nd largest army in the entire army some of the best spec ops team in the world and they almost never lost a war(execpt the Vietnam war).

Who is the best soccer team in Bulgaria?

That would be LUDOGORETS, LEVSKI SOFIA and CSKA SOFIA who are 1st 2nd and 3rd in the respective order they appear.

Who is team galactic's 3rd commander in platinum?


Which position in the batting order should be the team's best hitter combining power and speed?

if they have the most power 4th if they have the most speed they should be 1st if it is equal 2nd or 3rd.

How do you go true the team roclets radio tower?

win your 3rd badge and get a team rocket costume