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Q: Which football players have moved from blackburn rovers to Chelsea football club?
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Which football players have moved from Bolton to blackburn rovers?

No one have been move move Bolton to Blackburn.

Which teams have won the football premiership league?

Manchester united blackburn rovers arsenal Chelsea

Which English football club play their home games at Ewood park?

Blackburn Rovers Football Club play at Ewood park.

What football team is near to Blackburn?

Blackburn Rovers.

What is blackburn rovers?

An English football club

List 8 football teams?

Arsenal, Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers, Chelsea, Bolton, Manchester United, Newcastle United, Sunderland

Who do Chelsea fc play on may 16th 2009?

Blackburn Rovers

Who have won the barclays premier?

Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Arsenal and Chelsea.

Who won football leage in 1995?

Blackburn Rovers.

English football teams play in blue strips?

They are Manchester City and Blackburn Rovers. everton,chelsea

Who are the Blackburn Rovers players who have won a premiership title?

In 1995 Blackburn rovers won the E.P.L . the first club beside the big four to do it . Alan shearer and damin Duff are the players.

What teams has won the Premier league?

Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Arsenal & Chelsea