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martin brodeur or gerry cheevers

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Q: Which famous ice hockey player wears the number 30?
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What is Chris Pronger famous for?

Chris Pronger is famous for being a hockey player. He plays in the National Hockey League. He wears a jersey for the Philadelphia Flyers with the number 20 on it.

What famous baseball player wears number 16?

Fuzzy Smith

Which famous ice hokey player wears the number 99?

Wayne Gretzky

In ice hockey the player who wears a c on his or her jersey?

The captain

What famous NCAA basketball player wears number 31?

Malik Thomas Boston University

Who is Sam carrier?

he is a hockey player playing for the "Remparts de Québec," a team in the LHJMQ. he's a defencemen and wears the #79 as his jersey number.

Which Canadian ice hockey player wears shirt 77?

Phil Esposito

Which current NBA player wears number 64?

No current player wears number 64.

Which Colombian soccer player wears number 10?

The famous Colombian footballer Carlos Valderrama wore the jersey number 10.

Is their anyone on the wild hockey team that wears the number 70?

Wayne Gretzgy

Which famous basketball player wears number 11?

John Wall When He Was Played For College At University Of Kentucky in Lexington , Kentucky .

What famous basketball player wears number 5?

Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics Jason Kidd of the NY Knicks