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Q: Which document 'fanned the flames of Revolution'?
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What pamphlet denounced british rule and fanned the flames of revolution?

The pamphlet is called "Common Sense" authored by Thomas Paine.

What does fanned the flames mean?

Fanned the flames means to encourage, or strengthen something. This comes from the fact that fire is fueled by air. Using a fan to direct more air towards a fire basically gives the fire more fuel, thus it makes the fire bigger & stronger.

What does it mean when the pitcher fanned the batter?

He swung (fanned the air) at the ball for a strike

What document ends the american revolution?

the document declaring our independence from England.

Why did Christianity continue to spread even though the Romans tried to stop it?

OPINION Because the persecution only fanned the flames in Christian's hearts. And because if you are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for something, you really and truly believe in it.

How do you use fanned in a sentence?

The dealer fanned the cards out on the table so that the players could see that they were not marked.

What french document created during the French Revolution is similar to the ZAmerican Declaration of Independence?

The document was created when the France revolution started and ended to declare who won and peace

What are some good creative titles for a Russian revolution story book?

"Echoes of Change: A Tale of the Russian Revolution" "Flames of Freedom: Stories from the Russian Revolution" "Revolving Fate: A Novel of the Russian Revolution" "Red Dawn: Fictional Accounts from the Russian Revolution"

What was the document written during the french revolution?

the 10 comandments

What American document influenced the french revolution?

The Declaration of Independence.

An important document coming out of French Revolution?

"The Rights of Man and the Citizen."

Many leaders of the French Revolution were inspired by this American document?

The Constitution