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Raman Lamba of India

He was killed after being hit in the head while fielding without a helmet, at short leg in a Dhaka club cricket match at the Bangabandhu Stadium.

Batsman Mehrab Hossain hit the ball hard, and it hit Lamba in the head and rebounded to wicket-keeper Khaled Mashud. Mohammad Aminul Islam, the former Bangladesh captain, recalled "I was the new man in and asked Raman if he was okay. He said, 'Bulli [Islam's nickname is Bulbul] main to mar gaya' [I am dead, Bulli].

Although the injury did not appear to be particularly serious, he suffered an internal haemorrhage and he soon died, despite a neurosurgeon being flown in from Delhi.

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The cricket player which died during playing was Raman Lamba

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Q: Which cricket player died during play?
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