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the USA Joined the war in 1917

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Q: Which country joined world war 1 one year before it ended?
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When and how did the great depression ended?

1944 when the USA joined the World War 2

Was turkey invovled in World War 2?

Yes. Turkey was neutral in WW2 until several months before the war ended. They joined with the Allies. Turkey helped the Jewish people and let them live in their country until the end of the War.

What happened to the fighting in France when America joined World War 1?

it ended

What did the great depression end after?

it ended when the U.S. joined world war two

Which country surrendered after the US joined World War 1?


Did any country attack the US before you joined World War 1?

No country attacked the US before they joined WW1, but the US's allies such as France and Britain were attacked and at war with Germany, so the US decided to support their allies and join the war. The sinking of the British/ American ship "The Lusitania" was a trigger for the US to join the war.

How long was world war 1 going on before the US declared war?

The U.S. Entered the war and declared war on Germany in 1917 and the war ended at 1918

What did cm punk do before he joined wwe?

He was a world champion in ROH.

What was the chief result of U.S. participation in World War 1?

After the US joined WWI, the allies had the forces they need to triumph. The axis powers fell and the war ended.

What country ended world war 2?

the soviet union ended it when they won the battle of berlin in 1945.

Which country joined forceswith Germany in World War 2?

Notably , Italy and japan .

Why was canada in the world war 2?

As a part of the United Kingdom, it joined with its "Mother Country."