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Thats a tricky question to answer as conferences have changed alot over the years. The Pac-10 hands down. UCLA alone holds 11 titles.....more than any other conference combined. Schools hold the championships, not conferences. So when a school switches conferences, or if a conference dissolves altogether....well, lets just say, its a moot question. Example....Miami holds their football championships....some as independant, some as a member of the Big East. Now that they are in the ACC....their next title will be there. A more correct question would be....which conference has the most schools with the most championships? Current schools in the Pac-10 combine to hold 15 NCAA titles in Basketball. Pac-10 (15)

SEC - (10)

Big Ten - (10)

Big East - (10)

ACC - (10)

Big 12 - (4)

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Final Four Appearances in last 15 years

Atlantic Coast Conference=13

South Eastern Conference=12

Big Ten=11

Big Twelve=7

Pacific Ten=7

Big East=7

Atlantic Ten=1

Mountain West=1

Colonial Athletic Association=1

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Big east

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Q: Which conference has the most NCAA final four basketball appearances in the past 20 years?
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