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Retired out By Maqsood Ahmed Memon

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Q: Which among these is not a type of dismissal of a batsman in game of cricket?
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What batsman scores in a cricket game?

the grasshopper

What is a batswoman?

A batswoman is a female batsman - a person who is on the batting team in a game of cricket.

Who was the first batsman to get out by obstructing the field?

In any form of cricket, the first example of a dismissal by Obstructing the Field was recorded on August 27, 1792, in a game between Sheffield Cricket Club and Bents Green. The game is notable as the first match to have been fully recorded to have taken place in Yorkshire. The only man to be given this mode of dismissal in Test cricket is Len Hutton, while in One Day Internationals, Pakistan's Rameez Raja and India's Mohinder Armanath have also been given this dismissal. The most recent batsman to have been given this method of being out is Inzamam-ul-Haq, who, when defending a ball from hitting the wicket off the throw of Suresh Raina, put his bat out to block the stumps at the striker's end.

What is in off in cricket?

Your question cannot be understood, but if you are asking what is "Off Side in the game of Cricket" , the answer is: For a right handed batsman, the off side is to his right as he faces the bowler. For a left handed batsman, the off side is to his left as he faces the bowler.

Which sport or game is connected with slips?

Cricket. The slips are positioned behind the batsman and are there to take a catch from any edges.

With which gamewould you associate the term LBW?

in the game of CRICKET,the tearm LBW is associated when the batsman takes his leg before the wicket,it is considered as LBW out.

In which game were recognised square leg?

Square leg is a fielding position in Cricket. Square just means at or near the line of the batsman's crease and leg refers to the side on the left of a right-handed batsman. Square leg is therefore on the opposite (right hand) side for a left-handed batsman.

Can two players be run out in 1 ball in the game of cricket?

No, They can't because as soon as one batsman is out it is dead ball. You cannot get out while the ball is dead.

How many pieces of wood does a game of cricket need?

A minimum of 12. They are: 6 stumps - 3 on either side of the pitch 4 bails - 2 on each of the 3 stumps 2 cricket bats - one per batsman

What is a series of 6 balls bowled consecutively to the batsman in cricket?

6 balls constitutes an "over". The length of a game in limited overs cricket is dependent on how many overs are being played - 20, 50 etc. Unlimited is dependent on time.

What is the rule if the last player is injured and the batting team needs only 2 runs in the game of cricket?

Rules says if a batsman is retired hurt and he is off the field then he he can't bat.Batting team losses that game.

A stroke in game of cricket that scores one run?

When the batsman strikes the ball with either the bat or the gloves and both batsmen pass through to complete 1 full run