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Lofa Tatupu wore #51 and now it is worn by Bruce Irvin.

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Q: Which Seattle Seahawks have worn Number 51?
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What is Bruce Irvin's number on the Seattle Seahawks?

Bruce Irvin is number 51 on the Seattle Seahawks.

Ichiro's 2006 Seattle Mariners jersey number?

He has always worn 51 except on Jackie Robinson the last couple years he has worn #42.

Who did dallas cowboys play on thanksgiving day in 1980?

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Which players wore number 51 for the Oakland Raiders?

Who has worn #51 for the Oakland Raiders

What players have worn jersey number 51 for the Cleveland Browns?

Galen Fiss

What was randy Johnson's number when he played for the Seattle Mariners?

51. Ichiro wasn't on the team yet.

Who has worn number 51 for the St. Louis Cardinals?

I know Willie Mcgee did, but who else?

What Seattle Mariners players have worn the number 51?

Pitcher Bill Wilkenson, 1985.Pitcher Steve Fireovid, 1986.Infielder Rey Quinones, 1986-1988.Pitcher Randy Johnson, 1989-1998.Outfielder Ichiro Suzuki, 2001-present.

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