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Bill Russell had 11 championships

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Q: Which NBA player has the most NBA championship today?
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Which NBA point guard has the most NBA championship rings today as an active NBA player?

Derek Fisher as 5 rings

What nba player has the most championship games?


What NBA player was on the most championship teams?

Bill Russel

What active NBA player has won ncaa championship and NBA championship?

Richard Hamilton

What player has won the most championship for the NBA?

Bill Russell- 11 championships

How an NBA player can win a NBA ring?

they have to win a championship

Who's the NBA player with most number of championship?

Bill Russell: 11 in 13 seasons.

Who has most NBA championship rings?

Phil Jackson, 11 as coach, 2 as player. 13

What NBA PLAYERS hold the most rings ever?

Michael Jordan currently holds the most NBA championship rings as a player. As for coaches, the answer is Phil Jackson.

Which NBA player had to wait the longest to win an NBA championship?

dirk nowitski

Who has won the most nba championship?

The Boston Celtics have the most number of NBA championship titles with 17.

Most blocked shots in a NCAA Championship game by a current NBA player?

Joakim Noah with 19