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the club is Liverpool.

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Q: Which English football team as most cups?
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Witch football team has won the most erupion cups?

It is Germany.

Which football team has won most Italian Cups?

It is A.c. Milan.

Which English team as most cups?

The most successful club is Liverpool.

What team has the most points accumilated in English football?


Which team has record of losing most matches in the world cups?

In football it is Spain in cricket it is Kenya.

What English football team has one the most trophys in Europe?


What team are the most relegated team in English Football?

Manchester united and Liverpool

Which football team in the world has the most cups?

it is Brazil as they have appeared in the most world cups ever.

Most Football matches won in top flight English Football and the second team?

Manchester city

Which English football team that is not in the premiership has won the most league titles?


What English football team has won the most European trophies?

liverpool fc

What are the conditions on which English football clubs are eligible for European cups?

The top three qualify automatically , but the fourth team will have to qualiffy through the rounds.