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Q: Which Cowboys coach is known for his stiff unmoving hair?
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What does the cowboy slang 'saddle stiff' mean?

Cowboys loved a colorful phrase! This was another term for cowboy. The image is of the cowboy spending so much time in the saddle that he's stiff.

What is stiff bristle grass called?

Stiff bristle grass is commonly known as Setaria verticillata.

What does the cowboy slang 'slab-sided' mean?

Cowboys loved a colorful phrase! This means straight or stiff. It was usually applied to people who were overly prim, formal, or stuffy.

How do you know it's time to restring a tennis racquet?

Usually strings get loose, stiff, or start to fray. Ask a coach or a higher level player if it needs restrung.

Do hamster go stiff when sleeping?

Yes, it is common for hamsters to appear stiff when they are sleeping. This is known as the "sleeping hunch" position, where they may appear still and their bodies may be slightly arched. It is a natural behavior and is not a cause for concern.

Where does the phrase scared stiff come from?

"Scared stiff" is an idiom that refers to being completely frozen with fear. It's origin is not known, but it has been in use since at least 1900 a. d. .

What is a sentence with the word stiff?

After sitting for too long, my back felt stiff and sore.

Are the stiff dylans gay?

of course stiff dylans are gay.It does not make a difference if they are stiff or not.

When was Be Stiff created?

Be Stiff was created in 1977.

What is a stiff sentence?

when my friend was bad she was stiff

What is a synonym for rigid?

one of them is stiff.

What is a sentence using the word stiff?

The leather dried stiff and hard. She had a stiff, formal demeanor.