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Walter Brown - #1 - Retired in honor of the first owner of the Celtics

Red Auerbach - #2 - Retired in honor of the coach Dennis Johnson - #3 Bill Russell - #6 JoJo White - #10 Bob Cousy - #14 Tom Heinsohn - #15 Tom Sanders - #16 John Havlicek - #17 Dave Cowens - #18 Don Nelson - #19 Bill Sharman - #21 Ed Macauley - #22 Frank Ramsey - #23 Sam Jones - #24 K.C. Jones - #25 Cedric Maxwell - #31 Kevin McHale - #32 Larry Bird - #33 Reggie Lewis - #35

Robert Parish - #00

Jim Loscutoff - LOSCY

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R. Rondo #9

R. Allen #20

P. Pierce #34

K. Garnett #5

K. Perkins #43

These are the sarting five players. Others inlcude:

R. Wallace #30

T. Allen #42

G. Davis #11

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Q: Which Boston Celtics players have their numbers retired?
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What communities do Boston celtics players live?


Which team has the most retired numbers?

The top two are the Boston Celtica and NY Yankees: The Celtics retires a total of 21 retired numbers for 22 people -- two players wore 18, and it ras retired for both of them. There are 16 former Yankees with their uniform numbers retired. While Jackie Robinson's #42 was retired from baseball entirely in '97, players already wearing 42 were allowed to keep it. NYY pitcher Mariano Rivera is the last active player still wearing 42.

How many numbers did the Boston Braves retire?

Despite having 34 players in the Hall of Fame no Boston Brave uniform numbers have been retired

What Boston Celtics legend was number 33?

Rasheed Abdul Wallace wore it until he retired in Summer 2010. The Celtics retired it later and he will be inducted in to the Basketball Hall of Fame soon enough!!!

What basketball team was Dave bing with when he retired?

The last team he played for before he retired was the Boston Celtics

Who has had their Jersey Number 15 retired?

tom heinsohn #15 played for the Boston celtics. retired 10/15/66 help celtics won 8 championships.

Do any Celtics players live in Boston?


Who are the Boston Bruins retired players?

Um, there are A LOT of retired Bruins players. You'll have to be specific.

Who is the worst player on the Boston Celtics?

There no worst player in Boston Celtics. They're all good. But sometimes, some of the bench players are not chosen to play.

Which NBA players wear number 30?

rasheed Wallace Boston celtics!

Who has worn 2 on the Celtics?

no one but the number 2 is retired for Arnold "red" Auerbach because he was the second most important person to the Boston Celtics Franchise

What is the Celtics average age of players?

In 2008-09 the average age of the Boston Celtics was 27.4 years old. (Source ESPN)