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Q: Which Atlanta Falcons player was given the nickname bad moon by ESPN's chris berman?
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Who is the shortest player with Atlanta's falcons?

jacuize rodgers

Who is Devin Hester?

A wide receiver and kick returner who plays for the Atlanta Falcons. The best kick returner in the NFL. he is a player for Atlanta Falcons.

Was there a player for the Atlanta Falcons whose first name began with an you?


What current Atlanta Falcons went to University of Florida?

On the current Atlanta Falcons roster one player is listed from Florida University, #53 linebacker Mike Peterson.

Which NFL player went by the nickname White Shoes?

Billy Johnson, wide receiver and kick returner for the Houston Oilers and Atlanta Falcons between 1974-1987, was known as 'White Shoes'.

Who was the Atlanta Falcons player that was arrested during the 1998 Super Bowl weekend?

Eugene robinson

Who was the oldest quarterback to play for the Atlanta Falcons?

Steve DeBerg of the Atlanta Falcons was 44 years, 279 days old when he started for the Falcons against the New York Jets on October 25, 1998. The Falcons lost 28-3. DeBerg is the oldest player to start a game at QB in NFL history.

What player had two interceptions in the Super Bowl vs the Atlanta Falcons?

Darrien Gordon of the Denver Broncos.

What player has scored the most points playing for the Atlanta Falcons?

The player with the most points in franchise history is kicker Morten Andersen.

Did the Atlanta Falcons have a player named McCatty between the years 2000-2005?

NO.... There was a safety/special teamer on the Falcons between 2002-2005 named Kevin McCadam.

How many football players from South Panola went to the NFL?

One player, Perria Jerry of the Atlanta Falcons.

Was there a player for the Atlanta Falcons whose first name was Ming and is now retired?

According to there is no former NFL player with the first name of Ming.