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At the back of the scrum and roams around the field during general play. Sometimes positioned in the middle of the field

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The lock generally follows the ball around in attack and defense, so that he can make hitups/tackles.

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Outside the scrum half

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Q: Where to stand when playing lock forward in rugby league?
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Where do you stand on a rugby league field?

Depends on what position your playing at. If your a forward, you stand in the front If your second rower, you stand next to the wingers which are on the sides If your FullBack, your all the way back If your Five-eight, you can stand anywhere

What does pd in the league table stand for in rugby?

If your looking at the league tables (both union and rugby league) then it means PLAYED

What does NRL stand for?

NRL stands for the National Rugby League

Where to stand if lock in rugby league?

under the posts for a kick off.

Were to stand if center in rugby league?

Centers say beside the second rowers

What does AMNRL stand for?

The American National Rugby League (sometimes referred to as the AMNRL) is the major rugby league tournament for amateur/semi-professional clubs in the United States.

Where should player stand when receiving a rugby league kick off?

Depends on what postion you are.

Where do lock forwards stand in rugby league and what do they do?

They are basically a 3rd second rower and in scrums they stand behind the second rowers

Where do loose forwards stand in rugby league?

Right in the very middle of the field, middle of the defence line.

What does rugby stand for?

The term RUGBY comes from the town of Rugby in Warwichshire England. The game of Rugby Union is reputed to have been conceived at the Rugby Public School which was situated in the Town and remains there to this day. Rugby League formally broke away from Union and became a separate sport in 1895.

What does the acronym NTL stand for?

The acronym NTL can stand for a number of things. One of them is the National Touch League. It is an annual touch rugby competition held in Australia.

Which of these rugby union positoins wears the highest jersey number?

Number 10 in the union code and number6 in league (league calls it a stand off half)