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It is the circular hole you put the air in, you cant miss it! LOL

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Q: Where is the valve on the football ball?
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What is the Ball valve before pump inlet on pools?

A ball valve.

What's the difference between floating ball valve and fixed ball valve?

The ball ceramic valve evolved from the plug valve, in which there is a plug initially. The ball valves also can be divided into floating ball valve and fixed ball valve. The differences between floating ball valve and fixed ball valve are as follows. For the fixed ball valve, the ball is fixed and will not move even under pressure. There are floating valve seat to press the sing real tightly on the ball when suffering the media's pressure. Besides, the axletree is equipped with the stem connecting with the ball. The floating ball valve contains the ball floating inside. The structure is simple and has good tightness. When the media goes through, the pressure is passed into the seal rings, therefore the material of the seat rings should be well considered in design.

Is a ball valve a regulating valve?


What is a ball valve?

A ball valve is a contrivance by which a ball, placed in a circular cup with a hole in a bottom, operates as a valve.

Why do you call football football?

You call it football because you play with ball and kick the ball

What is the difference between the ball of basketball and the ball of football?

A soccer ball is round, a football is shaped like a lemon. A soccer ball is smooth, a football has some grip. A soccer ball is a lot bigger than a football.

A ball valve is used for what?

A ball valve is used to turn water , gas or oil on and off.

What is the structure of a ball valve?

Ball valves are quarter-turn on/off devices. A pivoting ball in the center of the valve controls the flow of liquid or gas media. The pivoting ball is known as a rotary ball, and it is designed with a hole (a bore) in the center. A stem on the top of the ball rotates the ball to open or close the valve. D Chel Valves are the Top Ball Valve Manufacturer in India.

Is isolation valve similar to ball valve?


How do you identify upstream end of a ball valve?

in open condition the valve handle lever indicates the upstream end of a ball valveANS 2 - Most ball valves where that matters will have an arrow embossed on the valve body. In the case of many ball valve flow direction is immaterial.

What is Gaelic football made of?

A Gaelic Football ball is a leather ball, similar to the ball used in soccer.

What is a ball cock?

The valve that shuts off the water in a toilet cistern is known as the ball-cock. It is operated by a hollow ball attached to an arm, once the ball floats to a certain level, the valve shuts off the water. This action prevents water flowing out of the over-flow pipe to the outside. The ball and valve is known as the ball-cock.