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It is located in Eugene Oregon, not too far away from a small dog park, in fact.

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Q: Where is the Oregon Ducks football stadium located?
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Where is Autzen Stadium located?

The outdoor American football stadium, Autzen Stadium, is located in Eugene, Oregon. It is just north of the University of Oregon campus and home to the Oregan Ducks.

What football team plays at Autzen Stadium?

Oregon ducks

When was Oregon Ducks football created?

Oregon Ducks football was created in 1894.

Autzen stadium is home to what school?

Oregon Ducks

Where is the university of Oregon ducks located?

in Oregon

Where do the new Oregon Ducks live?

The Oregon Ducks are the sports teams of the University of Oregon, located in Eugene, Oregon.

What is the state football team for Oregon?


Who are the best college football teams?

Oregon ducks

What football conference are the Oregon Ducks in?

The Pac 12.

Will NCAA football 2010 have the Oregon ducks new uniforms?

Yes they will.. Go ducks!!

What is the best rushing NCAA football team?


What do the feathers on the Oregon ducks football jersey mean?