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Oxford, MS. It's in northern Mississippi.

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Q: Where is Ole Miss located in Mississippi?
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Where did Eli Manning go to college?

Ole Miss

Where is Ole Miss University located?

Ole Miss (University of Mississippi) is located in, or conjoined with the city of Oxford, Mississippi. It is located roughly 25 miles East of Batesville, MS, and 50 miles West of Tupelo.

Where is the ole miss memorabilia located?

Memorabilia is basically the same thing as a souvenir. You can find Ole Miss memorabilia basically anywhere in Mississippi or online at or

What state is Ole Miss collage in?


What is Mississippi's sport team?

Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Southern Mississippi and more

Who is Ole miss' rival?

Mississippi State Bulldogs

What is another name for the university of Mississippi?

Ole Miss

What font is used for the Ole Miss?

The official font used for the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) is Trajan Pro. It is a classic serif font that is commonly associated with the university's brand and identity.

Who has more wins in football head to head Ole Miss or Mississippi state?

Mississippi state

Ole miss and Mississippi state play for what trophy?

Golden Egg

Did Eli Manning go to college?

Ole Miss - Mississippi Rebels

What school did Archie Manning attend?

The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)