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Q: Where is Henry Scott riddell buried?
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When was Henry Scott Riddell born?

Henry Scott Riddell was born in 1798.

When did Henry Scott Riddell die?

Henry Scott Riddell died in 1870.

What has the author John Henry Riddell written?

John Henry Riddell has written: 'Methodism in the Middle West' -- subject(s): Methodist Church (Canada), Methodist Church in Canada

Where Is Henry Ford Buried?

Henry Ford is buried in, Ford Cemetery, Detroit, MI

What has the author Henry Scott Tuke written?

Henry Scott Tuke has written: 'The registers of Henry Scott Tuke (1858-1929)' 'Henry Scott Tuke, R.A., R.W.S., 1858-1929'

Why is Charles you buried next to Henry viii?

Henry VII is buried next to Jane Seymour.

Where was Charles Henry Turner's buried?

Charles Henry Turner is buried in the Lincoln Cemetery in Chicago

Where is Henry purcell buried?

Henry Purcell is buried in Westminster Abbey in London, England. He was laid to rest in the north aisle of the organ screen.

Where was Patrick Henry buried?

He was buried at Red Hill Patrick Henry National Memorial. He died at his house.

Where in Sydney is Henry Lawson buried?

Henry Lawson is buried in Waverly Cemetery in the Sydney suburb of Bronte.

When was Dukinfield Henry Scott born?

Dukinfield Henry Scott was born in 1854.

When did Dukinfield Henry Scott die?

Dukinfield Henry Scott died in 1934.