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Q: Where is Dennis shaw now quarterback of the Buffalo Bills?
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Who was starting backfield for 1970 Buffalo Bills NFL football team?

O.J. Simpson and Wayne Patrick were the starting backfield for the Bills in 1970 along with Dennis Shaw at quarterback.

Who was the Buffalo Bills starting quarterback the season OJ Simpson rushed for over 2000 yards?

O.J. Simpson rushed for 2003 yards in the 1973 season. The Bills starting QB that season was Joe Ferguson and the backup was Dennis Shaw.

Who did billy shaw play football for?

The Buffalo Bills.

When was Dennis Shaw born?

Dennis Shaw was born on 1947-03-03.

What has the author Dennis F Shaw written?

Dennis F. Shaw has written: 'An introduction to electronics' -- subject(s): Electronics

What position does Connor Shaw play?

Connor Shaw plays Quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.

Who is the lead singer for Styx on the song renegade?

Styx never really had a "lead singer." There were three main singers- Tommy Shaw James "JY" Young and Dennis DeYoung. Dennis DeYoung was replaced by Lawrence Gowan.

Who played quarterback for the University of Richmond spiders in 1975?

Larry Shaw

What has the author Dennis Connor Shaw written?

Dennis Conner Shaw has written books on self-improvement and personal development, with titles such as "The Power of Acceptance" and "Unleash Your Potential." His works focus on empowering individuals to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Who was the NY Giants Quarterback in 1959?

Charlie Conerly was the #1 and Don Heinrich and George Shaw were the backups.

Who is the lead singer for Styx?

Present: Lawrence Gowan, Jy, Tommy Shaw Past: Dennis Deyoung, Glen Burtnik

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