Where is Defen Yao?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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Recognized as the world's tallest living woman, she died in China in 2012.

A documentary called "My Shocking Story: World's Tallest Giant" (2009) had DeFen Yao in it.

In the documentary, she fell down and injured her head and was taken to the hospital. The Shanghai doctors (who promised to treat her) abandoned her and she never heard from them again after she was released from the hospital. Despite later treatment, she died on November 13, 2012 at the age of 40 (born July 15, 1972).

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Q: Where is Defen Yao?
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When did Yao Defen die?

Yao Defen died on November 13, 2012, in China.

When was Yao Defen born?

Yao Defen was born on July 15, 1972, in Anhui, China.

Is Yao Defen still alive?

Yao Ming is not dead he is still alive and has started playing basketball again!2010

How old is Yao Defen?

Yao Defen of China, known as the world's tallest living woman, died at the age of 40 on November 13, 2012. (She was born on July 15, 1972.)

How tall is the tallest living woman?

She is Yao Defen of China and is 7ft 8 in.

Is yao defen still alive for 2009?

yes, still alive. she is very ill, she needs help.

Who is the tallest living woman?

Yao Defen - Claimant as tallest living female at 7'9" (234 cm).

Who is the tallist person in the world?

Tallest man: Bao Xishun Tallest Woman: Yao Defen

When was Linghu Defen born?

Linghu Defen was born in 582.

When did Linghu Defen die?

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Who is the tallest women in the world now in 2009?

As of 2009, the tallest woman in the world was Yao Defen from China. She was recognized by the Guinness World Records as the tallest living woman at that time, measuring 7 feet 8 inches (233 cm) tall.