Where does troy smith live?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Q: Where does troy smith live?
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When was Troy Smith - businessman - born?

Troy Smith - businessman - was born in 1922.

When did Troy Smith - businessman - die?

Troy Smith - businessman - died in 2009.

When was Troy Smith born?

Troy Smith was born on 1984-07-20.

What is troy smith's NFL salary?

Troy Smith's 2008 salary is $411,720.

When was Troy Smith - footballer - born?

Troy Smith - footballer - was born on 1987-04-11.

When was Troy Smith - wide receiver - born?

Troy Smith - wide receiver - was born on 1977-07-30.

How many touchdowns did Troy Smith rush for in the 2005 season?

Troy Smith had 11 rushing touchdowns in 2005 for Ohio State.

Who were the Dallas cowboy triplets?

Troy Aikman - Emmitt Smith - Michael Irvin

How fast is troy smith?

really fast

How old is Troy Smith?

NFL quarterback Troy J. Smith is 32 years old (born July 20, 1984).Sonic Drive-In founder Troy Smith was 87 years old when he died on October 26, 2009 (born May 26, 1922).

Where does Deion Sanders live?

in the same dallas neighborhood as troy aikman, emmitt smith, roger staubach, etc...

Which city does Troy Bolton live?

Where does Troy Bolton live? he lives in Albuquerque New Mexico