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The diamonds train in all different states, but when they arent traviling they train in Canberra

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Q: Where does the Australian Diamonds Netball Team train?
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What is Australia's netball team?

The Australian Diamonds

How long has the Australian netball team been called the diamonds?

For 4 years. In 2008 the team adopted the nickname "Diamonds."

What team in netball is Natalie Von Bertouch in?

Natalie is the captain of the Adelaide Thunderbirds team and is also a part of the Australian Diamonds team!

What is the Melbourne netball team called?

I think it's the Vixens.I'm not so sure. But i know that the Australian national netball team is nicknamed the Diamonds. Hope it kinda helped!

Who are the past captains of the Australian Diamonds?

The "diamonds" is a relatively new name for the Australian netball team. They used to be call the "wattles" ( the native yellow flower). Some past captains of the Australian National Netball team include Sharelle McMahon, Cath Cox, Liz Ellis, Kath Harby-Williams, Vicki Wilson, Anne Sargent,

Who is an Australian in netball commonwealth games?

All players of the Australian Netball team are Australian citizens.

Who is the captian of the Australian netball team?

Liz Ellis is the captian of the Australian netball team 2009 By Tiffany Gregory

Who is an Australian citizen in netball commonwealth games?

All players of the Australian Netball team are Australian citizens.

Is the silver ferns the best netball team?

The New Zealand Silver Ferns and the Australian Diamonds are the top two strongest teams at the moment.

What is the name of the Australian Volleyball team?

Officially, they are called 'VTAM' - which stands for 'Volleyball Team Australia Men'. Probably the most boring name of all Australian sports teams. In the 1980's they were unoffically called the 'Diggers', which I think is a fantastic name as it's relevant to both Australia and volleyball, but these days it's frowned upon by the RSL to use any sort of name like that.

What are the team colors of the Australian netball team?

green and gold (:

What are Australia's netball team called?

The Australia national netball team, commonly known as the Australian Netball Diamonds, represent Australia in international netball tests and competitions. The team was formed in 1938 and played in the first international game of netball, against New Zealand. In 2008 the team adopted the nickname "Diamonds" in line with other Australian sporting teams, including the national women's basketball team, the Opals.Australia have traditionally been regarded as the most successful netball team in international netball: they have won ten of the thirteen World Netball Championships, in addition to being the current world champions and ranked first in the IFNA World Rankings. The Diamonds compete annually in a home-and-away test series, the Constellation Cup, with perennial rivals New Zealand. Regular test matches are also held with other major netball countries, including England and Jamaica. To date, Australia have won ten World Championships and two Commonwealth Games events.The Diamonds are administered by Netball Australia, the national governing body for netball in the country. Players are usually selected from Australian ANZ Championship franchises. The team are presently captained by Adelaide Thunderbirds midcourter Natalie von Bertouch. Lisa Alexander was appointed head coach in August 2011, taking over from Norma Plummer.