Where does rich gannon live?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Q: Where does rich gannon live?
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How tall is Rich Gannon?

Rich Gannon is 6' 3".

What is the birth name of Rich Gannon?

Rich Gannon's birth name is Richard Joseph Gannon.

What nicknames does Rich Gannon go by?

Rich Gannon goes by The Cannon.

What is Rich Gannon's birthday?

Rich Gannon was born on December 20, 1965.

When was Rich Gannon born?

Rich Gannon was born on December 20, 1965.

How old is Rich Gannon?

Former NFL QB Rich Gannon is 52 years old (birthdate: December 20, 1965).

Who was the Raiders MVP of 2002?

Rich Gannon

Who was the raiders quarterback in Super Bowl 37?

Rich Gannon.

What quarterback has the most number of consecutive completion?

Rich gannon

How long was Rich Gannon with the Raiders?

6 seasons ... 1999-2004.

Which team did Rich Gannon go to the Super Bowl with?

Oakland Raiders

Who was the radiers quarterback when they went to the super bowl in 2003?

Rich Gannon.