Where does markus naslund live?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Q: Where does markus naslund live?
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Who has scored the most goals on the canucks?

markus naslund

Is markus naslund good?

yeah i ate him for breakfast

What is Markus Naslund's fan mail address?

Sorry but, WHO IS MARKUS NASLUND!?!? Markus Naslund, a NHL hockey player who has made his mark in Vancouver Canucks history, but retired from the New York Rangers. He has moved from Vancouver to New York so has lost and has not yet made a new fan mail address.

What was Markus Naslund's first number with the Canucks?

Markus Naslund wore number 22 during the 1995-96 season (his first as a Canuck). Tim Hunter was number 19 that season. When Hunter left, Naslund switched to number 19 at the start of the 1996-96 season.

Who is the Leafs all time points leader?

Markus Naslund Not any more. As of early March '13, Henrik Sedin passed Naslund as the Canucks all-time leader in total points.

When was Amber Naslund born?

Amber Naslund was born in 1975.

What is the single game record for most goals by a player in a canucks game?

4 goals...this happened twice. The last time was Markus Naslund December 9, 2003.

How many trophies has Markus Naslund won?

Naslund came close to winning the Art Ross Trophy in 2002/03 with 104 points, losing out to Peter Forsberg who had 106. He was runner up for the Hart. He did win the Lester B. Pearson Award, an award given to the MVP each year as voted on by the NHL Players themselves.

Who was the art ross trophy runner up in 2002-2003?

Markus Naslund Peter ForsbergColorado752977106Markus NaslundVancouver824856104Joe ThorntonBoston773665101Milan HejdukColorado82504898Todd BertuzziVancouver82465197Pavol DemitraSt. Louis78365793Glen MurrayBoston82444892Mario LemieuxPittsburgh67286391Dany HeatleyAtlanta77414889Zigmund PalffyLos Angeles76374885Mike ModanoDallas79285785Sergei FedorovDetroit80364783

Who is Vancouver Canucks greatest Captain?

This is arguable, but most would say Trevor Linden, who served as Captain during most of the 90's. Markus Naslund was captain during 2008 Henrik Sedin is the current one.

Where does Markus Persson live?


Who is the Canucks all-time leading goal scorer?

As of the start of the 2007-08 season, Markus Naslund is the Canucks all time leading goal scorer with 334. He broke Trevor Linden's team record last season (2006-07).