Where does football butt pad go?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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It goes straight down the back of the pants and the top of the pad sits directly on top of the bottom to the spine.

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The Butt.

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Q: Where does football butt pad go?
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Does it matter in football if you have a butt pad?

yeah its for your bodies protection

What is in a football pad?

plastic that is covered

What is the football gridle for and do pads go in there or in the pants?

The football girdle is for the hip pads & tail bone pad. It has pockets inside them for these pads. It looks like compression shorts.

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Triple double D

Who made the Shoulder pad for football?

sam carnivale made the shoulder pad in the year 1802

Why do football players hit other players butt?

Just to say "go on" or as congratulations, it's a bit gay though.

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Can you convert the kinetic energy of a football into electricity?

Yes that would be possible to do - bounce the football onto a piezoelectric pad.

Does the girdle go on first or the tights in football?

The girdle goes on first as it will usually have the hip and butt pads. The tights go on the outside because they're longer and have more exterior padding.